Important: There’s a few things we’d like for you to know before you’re visit. We want to ensure that you achieve optimal results.

We highly recommend anyone who is sunburned on the area that is being waxed, to wait until the skin has fully healed.

For best results, the hair must be as least 1/8 of an inch and no longer than 1/2 an inch. If you have a special event coming up (wedding, photoshoot, reunion etc) we advise you to book your appointment 3-5 days before the event.

Bikini or Underarm Wax  $35 & Up

Brow Wax or Tweeze  $15 & Up

Lip or Chin Wax  $15 & Up

Back Wax  $65

Full Leg Wax  $70 & up

Half Leg Wax $50