Full Body Custom Massage:  $65

This classic, swedish massage treatment is great for anyone looking to melt away stress. $45 (30 Min.) $65 (50 Min.) $90 (75 Min.) $130 COUPLES MASSAGE (50 Min.)

Avocado Facial & Body Treatment:  $150

Avocado treatment is a full body massage, mini-facial, and body exfoliation, using fresh emulsified avocados to deliver hydration, antioxidants , nourishment and balance to the skin. (90 min.)

Deep Tissue Sport Muscle Therapy:  $80

This massage uses trigger point therapy, sport massage, stretching, and strategic strokes. This therapy increases circulation, releases deep muscle tension and removes lactic acid. (50 min.)

Student Massages: (Swedish – $35) (Deep Tissue – $50)

If you are looking to get a massage on a budget, this is a great option. Our students can perform full body swedish and deep tissue massage
(50 min Swedish)
(50 min. Deep Tissue)

Hot Stone Massage:  $90

Hot stone massage is performed with aroma therapy oils and it promotes deeper muscle relaxation through the placement of smooth water heated stones at key points on the body. (50 Min.)

Prenatal Massage:   $65

A nurturing full body massage for expecting mothers. The therapist makes use of safe and effective prenatal techniques and products. This massage helps with dehydrated skin, exhaustion, and puffiness in the hands and feet. (50 min.)

Aromatherapy Treatment:  $80.00

A variety of pressure point massage techniques perform in synergy with the therapeutic and reviving properties of pure essential oils, this sensory massage invigorates the body and mind. (50 min.)

Reflexology:  $60.00

This holistic healing technique involves working with pressure points on the feet and hands.  (50 min.)

Energy Healing  $60

Touch based hands-on headling that works with life force energy to promote health and wellness balance. (50 min)

Salt Glow Treatments: $45.00

Formulated with sea salt and essential oils to exfoliates the body of dead skin cells and leaves the skin hydrated, soft, and smooth. (30 min.)

Body Wrap  $80.00

This wrap aids in detoxing and removes dead skin cells, promotes cell renewal, increases circulation, and stimulates the lymphatic system. (50 min)

Purifying Back Treatment  $80.00

This cleansing and relaxing facial for the back. It is great for hard to reach areas for deep pore cleansing. (50 min.)